Behavior & Early Intervention Services

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Maternal-Infant Services
When mothers are experiencing challenges with parenting infants, support is available through various services. A care coordinator will assist you to select the best service that meets your specific needs.

Understanding Your Child’s Behavior: Parenting Classes (Newborn to 9 months)
These interactive classes are for parents and their babies! Learn more about your baby’s stages of development, his or her unique social-emotional needs and various strategies to maximize your baby’s learning and wellbeing. For additional information, please contact us at the numbers listed below.

Behavior Services
Are you concerned with your child’s behavior? Are you curious if the behavior is normal or a sign of something else? Are you experiencing frustration and feelings of being overwhelmed when your child acts out and you are unsure of what to do? Are you noticing behaviors of pushing, biting or hitting?
We offer a range of services for behavior, including group classes for all parents and/or individual sessions to address specific or concerning behaviors a child may be demonstrating.

Early Intervention Services
The Pediatric Developmental Services Department provides the following services through the San Diego Regional Center:

Early Intervention Home Visits
Children who are referred for home visitation services will receive weekly visits from one of our Developmental Specialists. Sessions will include play-based activities with your child to address his or her specific developmental concerns. Click here to download and print our Early Intervention brochure.

La Escuelita
Children who qualify for Early Start Services can participate in this inclusion program for children 22 months to 3 years old. Currently, classes are offered in Spanish only.

Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy are also all provided through San Diego Regional Center if your child is eligible. Services can be provided in the home if approved.

Call us today to learn more about how to start accessing services:
(619) 515-2515 (Central and South locations)
(619) 515-2463 (East locations)

This number is not intended for emergency care. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911 immediately or go to the emergency room. If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please call the toll-free Access and Crisis Line: 1(888) 724-7240 [TDD for the hearing impaired: (619) 641-6992], which is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, call 911 or go to the emergency room.

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