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Clean Syringe Exchange

Family Health Centers of San Diego operates Safe Point San Diego, the only City-sanctioned Clean Syringe Exchange Program (CSEP). The program goals are to reduce the transmission of Hepatitis C and HIV caused through the sharing of syringes, educate substance abusers about the risks of drug abuse, provide prompt testing for infectious diseases, and facilitate referrals to drug treatment and other services. The program operates from a mobile unit two days a week at City-approved sites in Downtown San Diego and North Park.

Once registered in the program, clients may exchange one-for-one syringes up to thirty syringes a session. New clients may obtain two clean syringes and a starter hygiene kit the first time they come to the program. After the initial visit, only the one-for-one exchanges are permitted.

In addition to providing clean syringe exchange, the CSEP offers clients individualized assistance, including HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C prevention and education materials, case management, information and referrals to medical care and other social service programs, and facilitated referrals to detoxification and substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation programs.

Clean Syringe Exchange Locations:

Downtown at Connections - Thursday Evenings
North Park - Friday Mornings

For more information, please call 619-515-2449.

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