Laura Rodriguez Medical Assistant Institute

Laura Rodriguez Medical Assistant Institute

Welcome to the Laura Rodriguez Medical Assistant Institute (LRMAI)!


The overall purpose of the Laura Rodriguez Medical Assistant Institute is to provide an exceptional medical assistant program in a safe setting of academic scholarship that will produce compassionate allied health workers. It is the goal of the school to fulfill the educational expectations of students and faculty, and to provide the community with professionals capable of meeting the challenges in the field of allied health.

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The Laura Rodriguez Medical Assistant Institute (LRMAI) was created to meet several mutual needs of the organization and the community:

  • To introduce qualified MAs into the workforce to fill vacancies and help ensure there are adequate staff in ambulatory care services to meet the health care needs of our community.
  • To offer career opportunities for underserved or traditionally underrepresented community members.
  • To recruit a diverse workforce that is reflective of the community of patients that it serves.

Our Mission

The Laura Rodriguez Medical Assistant Institute’s mission is to prepare members of the communities we serve for a career in health care by integrating education best practices into a supportive environment with a culture of inclusion.

Core Values

Community engagement
Partner with the community to improve health outcomes and support long-term economic growth

Diversity and inclusivity
Embrace a culture of openness that values different perspectives and promotes health equity

Evidence-based practice
Use data to inform innovative instruction, decision-making and continuous improvement

Lifelong learning
Understand scholarship is transformational, dynamic and lifelong

Uphold high standards of clinical best practices while demonstrating dependability, respect for all and integrity

Commit to students and their success personally, academically and professionally

The LRMAI Campus

Oak Park Family Health Center, Laura Rodriguez Medical Assistant Institute (LRMAI)

All class sessions are held at the main Laura Rodriguez Medical Assistant Institute campus located at 5160 Federal Boulevard #150, four blocks north of Martin Luther King Jr. Freeway.

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