Financial Aid for Behavioral Health Workforce

Family Health Centers of San Diego is offering new and current employees up to $25,000 in:

  • Scholarships for undergraduate college and university tuition – If you are currently enrolled, plan on enrolling or continuing education to advance your career within the next one to two years
  • Clinical masters and doctoral education stipends – If you are currently enrolled in or will be enrolled within the next one to two years
  • Loan repayment for education loans

To qualify, job role must provide health care services directly to individuals being treated for, or suspected of needing services for, mental health and/or substance use disorder conditions. Awardees must sign an agreement to commit a minimum of one-year service obligation to FHCSD.

Sign-on bonuses, retention bonuses and relocation assistance are also available for those hired into the following behavioral health jobs:

  • Registered and Certified Substance Use Disorder Counselors (SUDC)
  • Includes supervisors and other positions with SUDC registration/certification
  • New employees may receive sign-on bonus of $2,000, to be paid after six months of full-time service*
  • Current employees may receive retention bonus up to 15% of annual pay to a max of $10,000, to be paid after one year of full-time service*

Associate Mental Health Therapist

  • New employees may receive sign-on bonus of $2,000, to be paid after six months of full-time service*

Licensed Mental Health Therapist

  • Relocation benefit up to $3,000 for those moving to San Diego
  • New employees may receive sign-on bonus of $7,000, 50% paid after six months of full-time service, 50% after one year of service*

Priority will be given to applicants who:

  • Speak more than one language fluently
  • Are economically disadvantaged
  • Have volunteer or work experience with medically underserved
  • Will be graduating within one to two years (where applicable) with a GPA of 3.0 or higher
*Sign-on and retention bonuses paid at prorated amount for part-time work.

Learn more:

For more information, contact your FHCSD recruiter or:

Trish Besaw, Director of Human Resources
(619) 515-2321Email

Jeffrey Espinoza, Director of Project Management
(619) 515-2418Email

Funds made partly available through 2026 through a grant from the Department of Health Care Access and Information (HCAI), with a goal to increase and sustain the behavioral health (mental health and substance use) workforce to serve underserved populations. FHCSD reserves the right to modify incentives and employee benefits.

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