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2018 – The Year of Impact: An open letter to our generous donors

Family Health Centers of San Diego (FHCSD) is excited to designate 2018 as “The Year of Impact.” From prenatal services to substance abuse counseling to diabetes management and everything in between, FHCSD facilities and programs are rapidly evolving and expanding in order to keep pace with the growing health care needs of Southern California’s most underserved communities.

The expansion of FHCSD services and locations in 2017 included not only bringing high-quality health care to more people who need it, but also opening up funding opportunities for individuals and businesses. In 2018, one of our goals is to take donors’ wishes and transform them into real-life contributions that impact daily operations. For example, a donation of any amount can help make the following wishes a reality in 2018 for FHCSD patients:

  • A family of three can receive comprehensive dental exams.
  • A single mother can count on receiving a year’s worth of vital preventative care checkups for her child.
  • Families and individuals lacking transportation or means for public transportation can now access comprehensive health care services.
  • Underserved communities can have access to culturally competent and expertly trained medical staff to meet their health care needs.
  • A piece of FHCSD property can be endowed with your name – or the name of your business – in order to publicly show support.

Donating to FHCSD not only is easy, secure and tax-deductible, but also can take on a variety of forms. Consider these “giving vehicles” for 2018:

Spirit of the Barrio
Our first Spirit of the Barrio is March 15, 2019

FHCSD’s iconic and beloved community event, Spirit of the Barrio, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. This quintessentially San Diegan experience is a grassroots event that features homemade tamales, professional networking time and the joining together of colleagues for an informative, entertaining discussion of the community’s most relevant topics. This year’s topics and expert speakers are set to top previous years. Our staff is also committed to continuing to bring innovative elements to this event, such as live-tweeting, raffle drawings and more. Our Spirit of the Barrio luncheon is not just the “best use of lunch hour in San Diego,” but also a way for corporations, and individuals, to give back to FHCSD through sponsorships and purchasing tables. Proceeds go directly to help our services and programs and this luncheon has funded some of our most important projects and programs over the last 30 years.

Individual Naming Programs
FHCSD is also excited to announce our first individual donor match campaign: the Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) Individual Naming Program. MMUs are fully licensed health clinics “on wheels” that visit elementary schools, community centers, social service agencies and other locations to provide services to San Diego’s most vulnerable populations. In order to keep these three units up and running, FHCSD friend and former SDG&E Chairman & CEO Tom Page will match every donation made to this program. In appreciation of their support, donors’ names (or the names of loved ones) will be listed prominently on the rear window of an MMU.

Additionally, FHCSD has opened the door for individuals interested in a legacy program to leave an indelible imprint on the property of their choosing, from entire clinics to individual exam rooms. Whether your passion is geared toward technology, professional career training or specific health care services, FHCSD has a naming opportunity available, either in perpetuity or with a sunset date.

Fund The Future of Medicine
Currently in its second year, FHCSD’s Family Medicine Residency Training Program has already made an impact on our patients and in our communities. The residents have logged over 15,000 hours and treated more than 1,500 patients! Additionally, studies show that doctors who complete their residency at a Teaching Health Center (THC) program like FHCSD’s program are 10 times more likely to choose to work at nonprofit community health centers than their counterparts who complete traditional residencies. Moreover, there’s also a high likelihood these THC graduates will stay with the clinic where the training occurred. Thus, FHCSD’s program is essential in helping us maintain a consistent pipeline of high-quality health care providers to serve the community. Unfortunately, federal funding for this program has been drastically cut. We are looking to our generous donors to help fill the funding gap and ensure culturally competent and experienced providers reach communities that need care the most.

When you shop, Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase price to FHCSD. Bookmark the link and support us every time you shop.

Tailor Your Donation to What You Care About Most
We are inviting you to join us in making a positive difference in the lives of others. From a simple in-kind donation for our Baby Boutique to renaming our new HITEC Center, the philanthropic opportunities are as varied as they are unique. For example, bequests are also a beautiful way to keep your legacy or a loved one’s memory alive while also supporting our mission. Bequests can also reduce the tax burden on estates. Additionally, corporations can help our organization through strategic donations to events, such as our celebrated Spirit of the Barrio luncheon through a matching gift program, unrestricted gifts, hosting an event or designating our organization in your annual corporate giving campaigns. We are also seeking to forge strategic partnerships with companies that have a history of contributing to the strength and vitality of our neighborhoods.

Contact us today to discuss these, and more, options. Cheers to a healthy and successful 2018!

— Anthony White, Director of Community & Government Relations
(619) 515-2370 |

You Can Also Donate the Gift of Your Time!
We have two types of volunteer opportunities at our organization: special events and program/clinic volunteers.

Special Events Volunteer Opportunities
If you can offer help with a special fundraising event, please contact Anthony White, Director of Community & Government Relations at or (619) 515-2370.

Program Clinic Volunteer Opportunities
We offer a limited number of volunteer opportunities within our programs and clinics. To find open volunteer positions, click here, then type “Volunteer” in the keyword search box and click the “Search” button. If you have additional questions, please contact Renee Gillenwater at or visit our Volunteer With Us page.