LGBTQ-Competent and Affirmative Providers

Family Health Centers of San Diego (FHCSD) has been recognized as a Healthcare Equality Leader (HEI) for our dedication to ensuring equity and inclusion of our LGBTQ patients and staff. It is important that this remain an ongoing process, not only to increase new patients, but retain long-term patients in care. As we strive to address the unique challenges and disparities LGBTQ individuals face, we must also ensure that our patients are able to access providers who offer patients a safe, comfortable experience regardless of sexual or gender identity. We can accomplish this goal by compiling a list of LGBTQ-competent providers.

In order to ensure LGBTQ competency, providers must report on several factors, including:

  • Self-identification as LGBTQ-competent or trans-informed
  • If they follow the World Professional Association for Transgender Health Standards of Care
  • If they follow the UCSF Center of Excellence for Transgender Health Guidelines for Primary and Gender-Affirming Care of Transgender and Gender Nonbinary People
  • If they have completed CME/CEU credit hours related specifically to LGBTQ health within a two year licensure period

Measures were identified based upon suggestions and trainings provided by the National LGBT Health Education Center by the Fenway Institute. The National LGBT Health Education Center has been endorsed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as a resource for providers seeking LGBTQ competency curricula, as well as by the Human Rights Campaign for institutions seeking HEI accreditation.

In order to compile the list, providers will be surveyed. Each question will ask if the provider meets the specific measure of competency. Providers do not need to meet all criteria to be noted as an LGBTQ-competent provider, but more robust measures allow patients greater efficacy in decision-making when choosing a provider.

Please complete the survey below so that we can offer new and returning patients the ability to specifically select LGBTQ competent health care providers.