Reduced Fee

HPV Facts

We’ve reduced our fee-per-visit to $25 for all FHCSD clinics.*

The reduced fee-per-visit allows more patients to access the high-quality care they’ve come to expect from FHCSD, as well as continues to further our mission of providing affordable and accessible care to all San Diegans.

FHCSD maintains our policy that no patient will be refused care due to their inability to pay for services rendered.

Many patients qualify for programs that cover the cost of their care. If you are uninsured and don’t qualify for a program, or if you are a self-pay patient, you may be eligible for a sliding scale fee discount. The actual amount of the discount will be based on family income and the number of family members in your household. A deposit is requested prior to your visit.

We will bill your insurance plan upon verification of your coverage. However, you are expected to pay co-payment and/or deductible amounts at the time of service. Any balance not paid by your insurance plan will be billed to you.

Upon completion of your visit, a patient services representative will calculate the total amount of charges for the services you received. If the charges are more than the deposit you made, you will be requested to pay the difference at that time.


*The reduced fee is available to patients who are eligible for the sliding scale fee discount based on their income and the current Federal Poverty Guidelines. 

Our reduced fee only covers the cost of your medical visit.

Services not included:

  • Additional services or tests ordered and carried out during the visit
  • Mental health
  • Labs – in-house and send-outs
  • Purchased supplies such as immunizations or family planning supplies (IUDs, birth control implants, medications, etc.) will be charged at cost
  • Specially priced cash packages, such as OB care, GYN surgical procedures (colposcopy, biopsy, implant/IUD insertions, etc.)
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Physical therapy/occupational therapy
  • Pharmacy
  • Hospital services
  • Other ancillary and support services are not included (PDS, health education, CPSP, counseling visits)

Patients who do not see a licensed practitioner will continue to pay the minimum $10 (e.g., nurse visit for vaccines, injections, wound check) plus the cost of the vaccine, injection or supplies needed to deliver the service.

Learn more:

For more information, contact the billing department at (619) 515-2564.