Save Our Teaching Health Centers

The residents of the FHCSD Family Medicine Residency Program are training to become the next generation of doctors. Watch this video sponsored by the National Alliance for Hispanic Health to learn more about how our residents serve patients in underserved communities in San Diego.



Did you know by 2020, the U.S. will need 45,000 new physicians to meet the growing demand for healthcare?
Teaching Health Centers (THC) are community-based primary care training programs committed to preparing health professionals to meet this demand. By moving primary care training into the community, THCs are on the leading edge of innovative educational programming dedicated to ensuring a relevant and sufficient supply of health workforce professionals. Though THCs often collaborate with other health and education organizations to ensure quality training for their students, they maintain the lead role in setting the educational mission and framework for their training programs. Learn more about Teaching Health Centers here.

Unfortunately, federal funding for THCs has been drastically cut. These cuts threaten the sustainability of 60 THC programs nationwide and remove hundreds of culturally-competent and experienced doctors from communities across the nation.

We Need Your Help!
The Save Our Teaching Health Centers (SOTHC) social campaign is a national push to help educate Congress on Teaching Health Center (THC) programs, including FHCSD’s Family Medicine Residency Training Program. The goal of the SOTHC campaign is to engage legislators and the public to support funding for the national Teaching Health Center program, which partially funds our Family Medicine Residency Training Program. We need everyone’s voice to build momentum to keep this vital program intact!

Join The Campaign Today
The campaign includes posting Facebook and Twitter messaging, info graphics, and a tool to find your elected representatives on social . The messages are already created! It’s as easy as clicking and posting to your social account.

Visit the SOTHC webpage for social messaging and creative infographics. Also, check out the additional resources offered by the California Primary Care Association (CPCA), which hosted a social 101 webinar that provided an issue-based example on raising an issue through social . To access the recording, click here.

Social continues to offer an innovative way in which constituents can interact with elected officials on a regular basis. More and more, elected officials and their staff are tracking issues and advocacy via social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Participating in this campaign is voluntary but we hope you choose to get involved!

Also, consider contributing to FHCSD to help us reach our goal of raising $150,000 to fund the equivalent of one year of training for one resident. Learn more about our Family Medicine Residency Training Program here.


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