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If you have questions about delivery times, payment options or how to update your order, please review the FAQs below.


Q What is the timeline for processing apparel orders?


Step 1 – Apparel Deadline
– Orders must be received by 10 a.m. on the 1st Friday of the new quarter (see #3 below for deadlines)
– Apparel order forms will be taken offline

Step 2 – Staff Invoices, Duration: 2-3 business days
– Orders are combined to determine total quantities & price breakdown
– PayPal invoices are emailed to staff

Step 3 – Payment Deadline, Duration: 2 weeks
– Payment is due upon receipt, but staff will have up to 14 days to complete payment (3rd Friday)

Step 4 – Order Placement, Duration: 1 week
– Orders that are paid in full will be submitted to vendor for processing (4th Friday)
– Orders that remain unpaid will not be submitted to the vendor and invoices will be cancelled

Step 5 – Production Time, Duration: 4-6 weeks
– May vary due to available inventory, backordered items, overall size of order, etc.

Step 6 – Warehouse Delivery, Duration: 1-2 weeks
– Lockridge staff will complete inventory check after delivery
– Apparel will be stored in warehouse

Step 7 – Staff Pick-Up
– Staff are asked to pick-up apparel items from Lockridge facility at their earliest convenience
– Print & bring order details to ensure correct items are received

Q How are the final prices calculated?


Your final amount due will be calculated at the quarter deadline and will vary based on the combined quantities submitted for each design.

For example, if we received orders for 50 blueberry polos and 50 estate blue jackets for the quarter, final prices would reflect the 100-piece pricing.

View the price breakdown* for each design here.

*Cost will not exceed amounts listed

Q Is there a deadline to submit my apparel order?


All apparel orders must be received by 10 a.m. on the 1st Friday of the new quarter:

  • Q1 – January
  • Q2 – April
  • Q3 – July
  • Q4 – October

Orders placed after 10 a.m. will be processed at the following deadline. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Exact deadline dates will be posted on the apparel home page.

Q I ordered a jacket in February and it's now March, why haven't I gotten it yet?


Apparel orders are submitted to the vendor on a quarterly basis to ensure the required 12-piece minimum quantity is met (it’s more cost-effective to submit bulk orders than individual orders).

Therefore, orders placed in February will be submitted at the next quarter deadline in April.

For example, orders placed between:

  • October – January (Q1)
  • January – April (Q2)
  • April – July (Q3)
  • July – October (Q4)

Q When will my order be delivered?


Apparel orders are delivered to our Lockridge facility approximately 4-6 weeks after being submitted to the vendor.*

*This timeline is not exact and can vary due to available inventory, production time, not meeting the 12-piece required minimum, etc.

Q Can I try on an item before ordering it?


Your clinic may have extra apparel items on-site for new hires. Ask your supervisor if they have the item you’re interested in or a coworker with the same item.

Q Can I exchange my apparel if it doesn't fit?


All apparel items are made-to-order which means they cannot be returned or exchanged once processed.

If you require a different size, you’ll need to submit a new order for the correct size, or you may try exchanging with a coworker.

Payment Information

Q Can I pay for my apparel with cash or a check?


We only accept credit or debit card payments for employee apparel orders. If you do not have a credit/debit card, please discuss payment options with your supervisor.

Q How do I pay for my items?


A PayPal invoice will be sent to the personal email address you provided.

To pay your invoice, click on the Pay Now button. A pop up will appear allowing you the option to Pay with PayPal (if you have an active PayPal account) or Pay with Debit or Credit Card.

After selecting the Pay with Debit or Credit Card button, you’ll be directed to the PayPal Guest Checkout prompt where you can submit your credit/debit card information, billing address and contact information. Once you’ve completed the required fields, click on Pay Now at the bottom.

Q When will I receive my PayPal invoice?


Invoices for employee orders will be sent out after the quarter deadline.

Until then, please review your order details and email us at if you need to make any changes.

Q Is there a deadline to pay my invoice?


Payment is due upon receipt, but staff will have up to 14 days to complete payment.

Orders that remain unpaid will not be submitted to the vendor and invoices will be cancelled.

Cancellation Policy

Q Can I cancel or make adjustments to my order?


Yes, you can cancel or update your order up until the quarter deadline.

Q Can I cancel my order after the deadline?


No. Since apparel items are made-to-order, cancellations will not be accepted after the deadline has passed.

Q Can I get a refund for an item if I no longer want it?


You will not be invoiced for your order until after the quarter deadline; therefore, any item you cancel before then will not require a refund.

We cannot issue refunds for any item once orders have been processed.

Email us:

To cancel or update your order, please email us at

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