Telehealth Appointments

Telehealth Appointments


Family Health Centers of San Diego (FHCSD) now offers telehealth appointments for you and your family!

You can continue to receive affordable, high-quality health care through phone calls or interactive videos with your provider for non-emergency care.

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To schedule your telehealth appointment, call (619) 515-2300 or fill out the form below.

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What is a telehealth appointment?

A telehealth appointment allows you to receive care from your medical provider over the phone or through interactive video (capabilities vary by need and department). You will not need to visit the clinic in person.

If your provider schedules you for an in-person visit, please be sure to wear a face covering when coming to your appointment.

Can all visits be completed through a telehealth appointment?

Not all visits can be completed through telehealth appointments, but many can.

When to Come InWhen to Use Telehealth Appointments
If you have symptoms of the coronavirus (COVID-19)Prescription refills:
Birth control, diabetes and thyroid medications
IUD insertion or removalAppointment follow-ups
Nexplanon insertion or removalTest results:
STIs, cholesterol, blood sugar
Depo injectionsSick visits
Acute pelvic painMental health:
Counseling sessions, behavioral therapy
STI symptomsPhysicals*
New patient visitsWell woman exams*
Immunizations, physicals (newborn to 2 years old)
Childhood diabetes care, health education
Dental care:
Oral health assessment, consultation and pain medication
Primary care:
Chronic disease management, follow-ups to wellness exams
Prenatal case management:
Lactation support, pregnancy education
Physical rehabilitation services:
Call (619) 515-2376 to find out if you qualify
*These can be scheduled up to two months in advance if you would still like to come into the clinic.

How do I schedule a telehealth appointment?

Scheduling a telehealth appointment will work just like scheduling a regular visit. Call us at (619) 515-2300 and let staff know that you are interested in making a telehealth appointment.

Will my provider call me for my telehealth appointment or do I need to call them?

Your provider will call you; you just need to be prepared to answer. Please make sure you are available for up to 30 minutes before and after your scheduled appointment, as your provider may be ready earlier or later than expected. For example, if you have an appointment for 2:30 p.m., you may receive the call between 2:00 and 3:00 p.m.

How do I join my video appointment?

When you schedule your video appointment, make sure our staff has your mobile number on file. When it’s time for your appointment, a text message will be sent to your phone with a link to join the provider’s online video call.