Behavior and Early Intervention Services

Behavior and Early Intervention Services

We offer a range of behavior and early intervention services, including group classes and/or individual sessions for all parents, to address specific or concerning behaviors a child may be demonstrating.

Your child may benefit from behavior and early intervention services if you are:

  • Concerned with your child’s behavior
  • Curious if the behavior is normal or a sign of something else
  • Experiencing frustration and feelings of being overwhelmed when your child acts out and are unsure of what to do

Our Pediatric Development Services Department also provides early intervention and specialty services throughout the San Diego Region, including:

  • Behavior services & support
  • Center-based group sessions
  • Community Toddler Enrichment Program “La Escuelita”
  • Early intervention services
  • Individual home visits
  • Parent education

La Escuelita

This program offers a variety of services to children with special needs and their families within a natural environment.

The program provides:

  • Services for children 22 months to 3 years old
  • Play-based/language-based developmental intervention program that targets IFSP goals
  • Consultation services by specialists
  • Home visitation
  • Parent education
  • Evaluation and additional services for the family as needed
Services of “La Escuelita” are provided primarily in Spanish, by bilingual and bicultural personnel, and delivered in a culturally sensitive environment.

Individual Home Visits

Home visits provide one-on-one interactive opportunities for addressing developmental goals and parental concerns in the family’s natural environment.

Child development staff will:

  • Assist the family in assessing the home environment and provide developmental guidelines
  • Facilitate parent’s ability to practice carryover skills through modeling
  • Provide consultation by a PT, OT and SLP, as needed, to enhance development
  • For children with primary concerns in specific areas, the primary service provider may be a PT, OT, SLP, etc.

Parent Education

Parents will have the opportunity to participate in various activities including parenting classes while children are attending group sessions.

  • Facilitated by a trained early childhood professional, classes are available for general parenting or for behavior-related issues.
  • Topics focus on parenting issues related to toddler development.
  • Once a week, parents are invited in the classroom to observe and practice stimulation techniques to further enhance their children’s development.

Additional Services

Children needing specific speech and language, OT and/or PT services may also be eligible depending on severity of delay and access to other funding sources, such as the child’s insurance.

Children needing these services may also be served by FHCSD, through our Pediatric Developmental Services Department, depending on the family’s primary insurance.

FHCSD is also able to offer the following services, often through the family’s insurance plan:

  • Speech & language therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • ENT
  • Counseling & emotional support
  • Health education & nutritional services

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