California Medi-Cal Expansion

California recently passed Senate Bill (SB) 184 to expand eligibility for full scope Medi-Cal to individuals between ages 26 and 49 years who do not have satisfactory immigration status (SIS).

The expansion impacts two populations:

New Enrollee Population:

The new enrollee population consists of individuals who are 26 through 49 years of age in January 2024, who are not currently enrolled in Medi-Cal, who apply for Medi-Cal starting January 1, 2024, and who meet all eligibility criteria for full scope Medi-Cal, except for SIS.

Transition Population:

The transition population consists of individuals who are 26 through 49 years of age and are currently enrolled in restricted scope Medi-Cal because they do not have an SIS or cannot establish SIS for full scope Medi-Cal.

How does this impact me?

These changes may have created questions for current or newly eligible Medi-Cal members. To help assist with this process, we are sharing some of the frequently asked questions and answers provided by the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS).

Am I still covered by Medi-Cal?

Yes. You still have Medi Cal. Starting in January 2024, you will soon get more healthcare benefits with your Medi-Cal coverage. You will have these benefits if you continue to qualify for Medi-Cal.

Why am I getting more Medi-Cal benefits?

Starting January 1, 2024, a new law in California will give full Medi-Cal to more people ages 26 through 49 who qualify for Medi-Cal. Unlike before, immigration status does not matter. This new law means that all California residents who qualify for Medi-Cal based on other criteria are eligible for full Medi-Cal benefits.

Do I need to take any action right now?

No. If you are eligible, you will automatically be given full Medi-Cal benefits on January 1, 2024. You do not need to do anything to get more benefits. If you get a packet in the mail to renew your Medi-Cal, you must fill it out and return it by mail, telephone, in person, or online. You can call your county office for help.

What services can I get with full Medi-Cal?

You can get preventive care services. This includes:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Mental health
  • Substance use disorder screenings

All preventive care and screening services are free. Contact your Medi-Cal Managed Care Plan member services or Fee-for-Service Medi-Cal provider to learn more.