SAN DIEGO, CA – (September 28, 2015) Since January 2015, Family Health Centers of San Diego (FHCSD) has helped 30 individuals kick the smoking habit thanks to hosting free smoking cessation classes in four clinics. The organization also used social media to help raise awareness about the positive impact of quitting smoking.

More than 130 individuals attended FHCSD’s free, group smoking cessation classes over this past year. Classes were held at Logan Heights Family Health Center, City Heights Family Health Center, Diamond Neighborhoods Family Health Center and Chula Vista Family Health Center. Individuals participated in five 50-minute sessions that include tips on behaviors and activities about how to break the smoking habit.

Additionally, FHCSD posted testimonials of recent smoking cessation class graduates on its social media profiles, such as Carol, who stated, “This [smoking cessation] class set me free from the bully that ran my life.”

This initiative was funded by a grant from the National Alliance for Hispanic Health’s Nuestras Voces and helps promote the nationwide, bilingual Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Alliance for Hispanic Health “TIPS” Campaign. The “TIPS” campaign aims to build public awareness of the immediate health damage caused by smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke, encourage smokers to quit, make free help available, ask smokers not to smoke around others and to empower nonsmokers to protect themselves and their families from exposure to secondhand smoke. FHCSD also posted “TIPS” posters in select clinics to help promote this messaging.

“Family Health Centers of San Diego is committed to encouraging more people to take action to break the smoking habit and live healthier,” said Marta Flores, Smoking Cessation Program Manager. “We are excited to work with these partners to continue to help people stop smoking and to raise awareness about health concerns connected to tobacco use.”

For more information on this initiative, or to register for an upcoming FHCSD Smoking Cessation class, please call (619) 515-2526.


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