San Diego County’s rate of positive coronavirus tests is slowly coming back down after a prolonged surge in new daily cases.

A local community clinic that serves vulnerable populations, however, reports its positivity rate is consistently higher than the countywide figure.

The nonprofit Family Health Centers of San Diego serves patients, many of whom are uninsured, in the region’s low-income communities. Chief of Population Health Dr. Christian Ramers said the community clinic’s monthly positivity rate in July reached 15%. The county’s rolling average has only ever reached 8.3%, which was back in late March.

“We feel like we’re actually reaching communities that are really in need of testing,» Ramers said. “I think that’s evident in our test positivity rate.”

The community clinic’s overall monthly positivity rate in March was 10.7%, dropped to 8.7% in April, then climbed to 12.5% in May and 13.1% in June, he said.

The county’s 14-day rolling average dipped from its peak in March to its lowest point of 2.5% in mid-June and has since curved back up to 5.3% the first of this month, according to the county’s data dashboard.

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