This past weekend, families gathered at Sherman Heights Community Center for Family Health Centers of San Diego’s (FHCSD) Healthy Heroes Wellness Fair. This second-annual fair provided kids and their families with the opportunity to learn more about the health care services available to them, along with ways to improve their health and make smart choices. FHCSD staff offered free dental and vision screenings while health educators shared nutrition facts through fun activities.

A highlight of the event was the Zumba dance segment. Led by Zumba instructors, kids and adults alike enjoyed dancing while breaking a sweat. It was a great way for the whole family to incorporate healthy habits into their weekend.

FHCSD is committed to helping our patients build healthy lives through community events, health education and services. As we are over a third of the way through 2017, now is a perfect time to evaluate your health goals for the year. Are you on track to accomplish what you planned? How are you doing with those New Years’ resolutions?

Whether your goal was to exercise more or make healthier eating choices, it is not too late to make changes. Just hit the reset button!

No matter your health goal, FHCSD is here to help. We offer education and counseling services on nutrition, diabetes, weight management and more. Our Patient Care Support Services programs are located at many FHCSD sites. To schedule your appointment today, call (619) 515-2526.