Pediatric Physical Therapy

Pediatric Physical Therapy

Our pediatric physical therapy services improve gross motor skills in children with special needs or following injury.

A state licensed physical therapist provides children and their families information and support with:

  • Development of gross motor skills
  • Home exercise programs
  • Parental education in diagnosed disability
  • Selection of appropriate toys
  • Positioning

Population Served

Infants, toddlers, children and adolescents with the following:

  • Identified disability or delay in development
  • Injury affecting gross motor skills
  • Postural concerns or pain
  • Limitations in strength, endurance, range of motion, coordination or balance

Services Offered

  • Physical therapy evaluations and treatment planning
  • Individualized treatment sessions to address identified areas of need, utilizing specialized therapeutic techniques
  • Outpatient clinic and in-home service options, depending on funding source
  • Assisting with the referral for obtaining appropriate mobility equipment (i.e., braces, walkers, wheelchairs, standers, etc.)
  • Bilingual interdisciplinary team with occupational therapists, speech/language pathologists, early interventionists, audiologists and psychologists/counselors

Typical Gross Motor Milestones

1 monthTracks objects past midline, begins lifting head while on stomach
4 monthsHead up while playing on stomach, sits with support
6 monthsRolls stomach to back and back to stomach, sits independently
9 monthsReciprocal crawling (creeping, cruising), along furniture
11-12 monthsStands alone and begins walking with support
18 monthsMature weight-shifting and starts climbing playground equipment
2 yearsStoops to pick up toys, walks backward, runs up and down stairs independently
3 yearsRides tricycle and kicks ball
3-5 yearsHops and stands on one leg, skips and jumps
6-12 yearsJumps on toes, dropkicks ball
8 yearsBalances without arms
12-18 yearsSome increased clumsiness with growth spurts (normal)

Learn more:

For more information, or to start accessing services, call (619) 515-2515.

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