San Diegan who took Remdesivir treatment for COVID-19 describes experimental drug

By Cassie Carlisle

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) – President Donald Trump started a five-day treatment of Remdesivir Friday, according to Navy Commander Dr. Sean Conley.

Gilead Sciences is a California-based company, with offices in Oceanside, making the experimental drug Remdesivir. That drug saved San Diegan Troy Kahle’s life and has saved others.

«I did survive and I did have the five-day treatment,» Kahle said. He went to the hospital March 24 and shortly after went into a medically induced coma.

He received his first dose of Remdesivir around March 30 and was released from the hospital April 10, almost six months ago.

«I feel like I’m back 85% which is fantastic,» said Kahle.

The drug does help patients in certain circumstances, according to doctors.

Dr. Christian Ramers, Chief of Population Health at Family Health Centers San Diego, said Remdesivir slows down the production of the virus. He said new information created by a supercharged immune system.

He said the virus triggers the immune system to respond with force, creating damaging inflammation.

Ramers said that’s why the president and other patients are taking a cocktail of medications to battle the viral spread and inflammation. That inflammation leaves scarring in the lungs and lasting effects.

«If I over exert myself I have an asthma attack, with the wheezing and I’ve never had asthma before,» Kahle said.

He hopes by sharing his story to prevent at least one person from suffering the way he has.

«Please take it seriously, wear a mask, socially distance wash your hands use hand sanitizer. The only way we’re going to get around, or on the other side of this global pandemic is if we all work together.»

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