Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy

Our Speech and Language Clinic provides various services to both children and adults who exhibit possible speech and language communication deficits.

Bilingual (licensed and certified) speech language pathologists offer services for:

  • Articulation and phonology
  • Language (related to various etiologies, e.g., CVA, developmental delay, etc.)
  • Voice
  • Fluency (stuttering)
  • Hearing loss
  • Learning disability
  • Organic problems (e.g., cleft palate)
  • Autism
  • Communication delay/disorders related to cerebral palsy, aphasia, intellectual disability, Down syndrome and other conditions.

Additionally, clinic staff can help families with information, suggestions and guidelines related to:

  • Normal speech/language development
  • Speech/language stimulation techniques to use in other settings (e.g., home, school and work)
  • Referrals when necessary

Services Offered

  • Speech/language evaluation for children (infants through 18 years of age) and adults
  • Speech/language therapy for both children and adults
  • Speech/language services are offered primarily at the Logan Heights location; however, services may also be available at additional locations, including (but not limited to): North Park, City Heights, Chula Vista and El Cajon.

Our multidisciplinary team includes pediatric, physical and occupational therapy, audiology and child development specialists.

Common Developmental Milestones

The first five years of age are critical for language development.

6 monthsBabbling with production of the same syllable (e.g., “bababa”)
1 yearUnderstanding simple commands
Production of first word
1 1/2 yearsExpressive vocabulary of 20-50 words
Recognition of familiar objects, persons, pets and one to two body parts
2 yearsUnderstanding simple directions (e.g., “Pick up your shoes.”) and sometimes two related commands
(e.g., “Go get the book; put it on the table.”)
Listening to simple stories
Emergence of 2-3 word sentences
3 yearsIncreased understanding of verbs, pronouns, prepositions and adjectives (e.g., “go,” “me,” “in,” “big”)
Execution of 2-step commands
Use of complete sentences
4 yearsUnderstanding of 2-3 directions
Telling a long story or experience accurately
Production of 4-6 word sentences
5 yearsUnderstanding of complex sentences containing such forms as: “if,” “because,” “when” and “why.”
Production of longer and more complex sentences

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