Dear Valued Supporters:

Through the current outbreak, Family Health Centers of San Diego continues to provide critical care to our community, both to those experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and those seeking our medical and supportive services. We will not turn away any patient, regardless of their symptoms or ability to pay. Our commitment is to keep hospital beds and providers available for more severe cases. Part of this commitment is protecting our own staff, and we need your help to do so.

We need personal protective equipment (PPE) from wherever people may have contacts. Our doctors and nurses continue to provide direct care to our patients, and to keep them healthy, we are asking for paper gowns and masks. These items are changed between each patient and cannot safely be reused. Please email us to donate PPE or connect us to a PPE supplier.

FHCSD has many staff with jobs that do not deliver medical care, but also perform vital functions. Masks will help protect them and our patients. Our goal is to get a mask for all of our staff, not just our medical providers. To achieve this goal, a team of volunteers is crafting reusable, cloth masks that can be washed daily.

This group of volunteers led by Rob Tucker, CEO of Social Change, and Pauline Lim-Endresen, a community-minded Associate Broker at Pacific | Sotheby’s International Realty, with a whole support team up and down the coast, is working to provide masks for our staff, for our asymptomatic patients and those experiencing homelessness.

The International Rescue Committee has stepped up with seamstresses to help craft masks, but they need help. They are working on donated home sewing machines and could be so much more productive on commercial machines. I am committing to purchasing one commercial machine myself and asking you to help fund an additional machine by matching my donation of $400.

I know we can rely on you to help us protect our patients, staff and community through these unprecedented times and thank you for your consideration and generosity.

We are all in this together.

In gratitude,

Fran Butler-Cohen
Family Health Centers of San Diego