The Port of San Diego is where San Diego greets the world. It is also a place where our community members work, play and connect. Through the reinvestment of revenue generated from the hundreds of businesses on our active waterfront, the Port has provided prosperity to the surrounding communities and local economy.

Since its establishment in 1962, the Port of San Diego has become the fourth largest of the 11 ports in California. Its mission is reflected in the policies set by the Board of Port Commissioners, led by 2017 Chairman Robert “Dukie” Valderrama.  Our working waterfront includes businesses in maritime trade, shipbuilding and repair, which employ thousands of residents. A diverse portfolio of Port waterfront development generates the revenues that are invested into public services. The Port also provides economic vitality and community benefit through a balanced approach to the maritime industry, tourism, water and land recreation, environmental stewardship and public safety. In fact, the Port contributes $8.3 billion to the regional economy and supports more than 68,000 jobs annually, according to the most recent Economic Impact Report.

In all of its initiatives, the Port strives to be a good neighbor and community partner. By supporting nonprofit organizations in the San Diego region, it is able to make positive impacts in the lives of our community members. This is why we are pleased to have them as a supporter and sponsor of the Family Health Centers of San Diego. With this partnership, we hope to continue to better the lives of the people we serve.