Regulators discuss efficacy, side effects

From side effects to efficacy, regulators discussed their findings in a 53-page report.

By: Derek Staahl

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — Regulators at the Food and Drug Administration said they found no red flags that would stand in the way of authorizing Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine on an emergency basis.

FDA scientists independently confirmed Pfizer’s claim that its vaccine is 95 percent effective after two doses and said they found no serious safety concerns, according to documents released Tuesday.

The FDA released the 53-page review ahead of a meeting this week by an outside group of vaccine experts that will advise the agency and vote on whether to recommend an emergency use authorization for the drug in people 16 and older. A San Diego doctor will be among the 30 voting members.

Government regulators examined the vaccine’s efficacy in subgroups and found it remained highly effective regardless of age, gender, race and risk factors. The vaccine scored 91 percent or better in nearly every way the agency sliced the data.

“The news is really outstandingly good in terms of efficacy,” said Dr. Christian Ramers of Family Health Centers of San Diego. “It’s kind of almost a dream come true to have something that’s 90 percent efficacious. If you recall, the FDA was shooting for better than 50 percent.”

Among adults who were aged 65 or older and obese, one of the highest risk groups for severe COVID-19, the vaccine was 100 percent effective. That means no one who got the vaccine got sick, only volunteers in the placebo arm who got salt water.

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