By Brooke RuthTarryn Mento

Nearly six months into the pandemic, there are still many questions about the novel coronavirus — including from our audience. We gathered inquiries from readers, listeners and viewers and put them to Dr. Christian Ramers, the chief of population health at Family Health Centers of San Diego.

Ramers has fought against HIV, STIs and hepatitis and is now one of the leaders within the local medical community responding to COVID-19.

We heard from a Solana Beach mom of three who wanted to know about the safety of a potential COVID-19 vaccine, a man from East County who was wondering about transmission of COVID at beaches and a 76-year-old grandmother wondering whether a person could contract the disease a second time.

Ramers addressed these plus other questions. He shared his responses with KPBS Health Reporter Tarryn Mento on KPBS Midday Edition on Thursday.

KPBS Midday Edition Segments podcast branding From federal testing guidelines to improving air circulation in a classroom — we asked a local infectious disease specialist to respond to your questions about the novel coronavirus.


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