Dear Valued Supporters:

These are unusual times, unprecedented even – we certainly have heard those words enough in the last few weeks.

Family Health Centers of San Diego intends to be a leader in combating the spread of the coronavirus in our beautiful community, and we need your help.

Ways to Help

First, let me tell you about the work we are doing to fight this pandemic, then more about what you can do.

  1. Most importantly, we are not turning away anyone with symptoms or who is ill —if we turn them away, then their only option is hospital emergency rooms – which must be preserved for those genuinely needing emergency care.
  2. We’ve implemented systems to segregate sick patients from well persons and are screening patients from tents in our parking lots, or at the entrance of our clinics, to decrease virus spread to other patients and our health care workers.
  3. When we need to call for emergencies, we bring patients outside so that only one responder will need PPE instead of four; in this way, we help firefighters and paramedics in preserving their masks and gloves (Personal Protective Equipment [PPE]).
  4. Our physicians are now using telemedicine, providing care by phone and video, to ensure that those with chronic diseases and critical medical needs have access to physicians without having to visit the clinic.
  5. Our therapists and psychiatrists have also converted to telemedicine while keeping staff accessible for patients in need of in-person care. Our mental health services are vital to those in crisis, and that care is key to treating patients’ needs so that patients aren’t required to access the emergency room or inpatient treatment options.
  6. Our Quality and IT teams developed a real-time coronavirus testing dashboard and telehealth platform.
  7. Our in-house high-complexity laboratory, the only one operated by a community health center in California, is running at full speed with a capacity of nearly 1,800 tests a week and providing results to our physicians in twenty-four hours.

At Family Health Centers of San Diego, our commitment to serve during this crisis is strong, but we need your help.

Ways to Help

Whatever you choose to do, know that we will be grateful for your generosity. In this unprecedented time, I know that service, giving and gratitude will make all the difference in the world.

Please contact our staff at or donate here.

Stay well.


Fran Butler-Cohen, CEO
Family Health Centers of San Diego