Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus COVID-19

Anyone who lives or works in San Diego County can schedule their COVID-19 vaccine at FHCSD clinics.*

*Anyone five years of age or older who doesn’t qualify for VFA/VFC or BAP will need to schedule their COVID-19 vaccine with their local pharmacy.

To schedule your vaccine appointment, call (619) 515-2474.

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Staff Vaccination

All staff wear a name badge, with their name and position, so you know who is caring for you. Vaccinated staff also wear a vaccination badge to let you know they are fully vaccinated against COVID. The few unvaccinated staff are tested weekly.

If you are uncomfortable interacting with an unvaccinated employee, please request a vaccinated staff person to care for you.

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We offer COVID-19 testing to our patients and the public at several clinics.

To find a testing location near you, call (619) 515-2300 or click here to learn more.

If you tested positive and want more information on treatment options, click here.

Should I still wear a mask?

Combining multiple prevention tools is the best way to prevent COVID-19. This includes:

  • Getting vaccinated
  • Wearing a mask in crowds or indoors in public places, such as the grocery store, movie theater or health clinic
  • Taking a test if you are experiencing symptoms

To learn more about effective masks, click here.

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N95 Face Covering

Fact vs. Fiction

How do you know what’s true with so much information available? Watch a panel of medical experts discuss what you need to know about COVID-19.

Coronaviruses are respiratory viruses named for the crown-like spikes on the surface of the virus.

These range from viruses that cause the common cold to severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). The latest coronavirus is called the coronavirus (COVID-19).

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Spreads through close personal contact with someone sick or exposed.

Close contact is defined as being within approximately six feet of another person.

Coronavirus COVID-19

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  • Fever or chills
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle or body aches
  • Headache
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Sore throat
  • Congestion or runny nose
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Diarrhea

Seek emergency medical attention if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Trouble breathing
  • Persistent pain or pressure in the chest
  • New confusion
  • Inability to wake or stay awake
  • Pale, gray or blue-colored skin, lips or nail beds


Learn more about how to prevent COVID-19.

Coronavirus COVID-19

If you feel you are sick, you should:

  • Take an at-home test.
  • Stay home to limit the spread.
  • Cough into a tissue or your elbow.
  • Wear a face mask in public spaces.
  • Call your health care provider if you have a fever higher than 100.4 degrees.
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General Facts

Q Who should get tested?


Testing is open to everyone, even if you do not have symptoms. Consider getting tested if you:

  • Have symptoms
  • Have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive
  • Are an essential worker
  • Live in a multifamily home
  • Have a chronic health condition, such as hypertension or diabetes

At-home tests are also available at your local pharmacy or big-box stores like Target if you are not able to get to a clinic.

Q If I get COVID-19, will I die?


Only about 3% of people who get COVID-19 will die from it. The people most likely to get seriously ill from this virus are people over 60 and those with pre-existing health conditions. There are also now treatment options and vaccines which can help reduce the severity of the disease.

Q What precautions has FHCSD taken to keep patients healthy?

  • Clinics have increased sanitization practices.
  • Patients are pre-screened for COVID-19 symptoms before entering the clinic.
  • No patients will be turned away, regardless of symptoms.
  • FHCSD offers telehealth appointments for non-emergency care.
  • Mental health and substance use counseling are also available through telehealth visits.
  • COVID-19 testing and vaccination are available at FHCSD.

For more information, view our full safety measures.

Q My mental health has been suffering. What can I do to improve it?


It may seem like a lot is out of your control right now, and you may feel worried, angry or have difficulty concentrating or sleeping. Many people may still feel stress and anxiety from the most severe months of the pandemic. However, there are still things you can do support your overall well-being.

  • Speak with a mental health professional.
  • Take care of your body.
  • Stay connected to loved ones.
  • Keep a daily routine and include time to relax.
  • Manage your stress.

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Q What do we know about the COVID-19 variants?


New variants will continue to evolve as long as there are COVID-19 infections, much like the flu.

These new variants have many mutations, which leads to changes in effective treatments and vaccinations. This means treatment for COVID-19 will change over time. Also like the flu, your health care provider recommends you receive a new COVID-19 vaccine every year. Both COVID-19 and the flu change over time, creating new variants of each virus. While a booster helps increase your previous immunity, the updated vaccine builds a new immune response to the new variants

Q What can I do to protect myself from the variants?


To help slow the spread of COVID-19, including the new variants, you should:

Get Vaccinated

All COVID-19 vaccines currently available in California are safe and effective at preventing serious illness from COVID-19 and will protect you and those you love.

Anyone who lives or works in San Diego County can schedule their COVID-19 vaccine at FHCSD clinics.

To schedule your vaccine appointment, call (619) 515-2474.

Wear Masks

CDPH highly recommends everyone wear masks in indoor public places (such as grocery stores, public transit and movie theaters), regardless of vaccination status.

To learn more about masking recommendations, click here.

Get Tested

Get tested for COVID-19 if you are feeling any symptoms — regardless of your vaccination status. COVID-19 symptoms can feel like a common cold (including just “the sniffles”), seasonal allergies or flu.

We offer COVID-19 testing to our patients and the public at several clinics. To find a testing location near you, call (619) 515-2300 or click here to learn more.

Stay Home if Sick

For the most current updates:

Please visit the CDC or San Diego County websites or text COSD COVID19 to 468-311 to get text alerts from the County.

If you would like to speak to your provider, call (619) 515-2300.


Please continue to check back as this section will be updated as we receive additional information. 
Source: Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology

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