By Jasmine Mananquil,
Manager of Volunteer Services at Family Health Centers of San Diego

Let’s take a moment to consider the motivation behind the action of volunteering — i.e. a person offering their services and time for free. There are many reasons people decide to volunteer. They may want to “give back” to an organization after receiving assistance themselves. They may have a personal need to fulfill, whether it is a school-based requirement or a sense of civic obligation. Or they may simply have a passion to help others, especially those in less fortunate situations. Giving back to the community or to a special cause is highly regarded.  More and more schools include community service hours as a prerequisite, while students compete for admission into the best colleges across the country. Even President Obama started a Call to Service initiative in 2009 to encourage all Americans to volunteer.

Whatever the motivation  behind a volunteer raising his or her hand to offer support, his or her time and energy is appreciated by nonprofit organizations every day, including Family Health Centers of San Diego (FHCSD). Over the past few decades, many generous individuals have donated their time to FHCSD, helping our organization in terms of operational efficiency, cost-savings and quality of service. We have had volunteers who are currently enrolled in, or recent graduates of, such prestigious schools as San Diego State University, University of California, San Diego, Amherst College, University of California, Berkeley and Stanford.

In 2015, we were excited to launch a volunteer program to formally organize these generous individuals and offer them even more service opportunities. Some recent volunteer opportunities include:

  • Translating educational and informational materials into foreign languages, such as Spanish, Arabic and Vietnamese
  • Supporting our Clean Syringe Exchange Program
  • Helping organize fundraisers, such as our Spirit of the Barrio luncheon
  • Providing general outreach to communities
  • Completing administrative and data-entry tasks

Since we formally launched the volunteer program, more people every week contact us with the desire to share their talents, expertise and experience. Check out our quarterly volunteer newsletter, The Voyage, to learn more about their efforts. We encourage you to take a moment to ask yourself what drives you to go above and beyond. Are you one of the people with a special heart to offer your time to help our patient population, which represents some of the most vulnerable citizens of San Diego County? Our volunteers have initiative, tremendous drive and a positive attitude as they make significant contributions to our community. Are you driven to take on the same challenge?

If you answered YES, consider joining our volunteer team!
Add your name to our volunteer list by emailing Jasmine Mananquil, Manager of Volunteer Services at Family Health Centers of San Diego, at You can also find open volunteer positions by clicking here, then typing “Volunteer” in the keyword search box and click the “Search” button. Stay connected with the organization by signing up for our Community Connection e-newsletter. We hope to see you soon!