Are you affected by secondhand smoke inside your home? Do you want to create a healthier environment by taking indoor smoking outside the home?

Although tobacco use has declined in the United States over the past 50 years through the passage of tobacco taxes, laws to protect workers from secondhand smoke, adoption of ordinances to prohibit smoking in multi-unit housing, in public places and in many other environments, the long list of accomplishments is exacerbated by the fact that the indoor home environment has become a type of sanctuary for smoking behavior which poses a significant health risk for children, those with chronic health conditions, and otherwise healthy members of the household who are exposed to secondhand tobacco smoke on a regular basis.

The Smoke-Free For All San Diegans Project (SFASD) at Catholic Charities, Diocese of San Diego recognizes the burden that those who are exposed to secondhand smoke at home face in the short and long term.  The project has a strong history of educating, advocating and empowering healthcare professionals, apartment owners and managers and faith leaders, among others, to voluntarily adopt policies for their respective sites to protect their constituents from secondhand smoke exposure.  Since July 2015, SFASD has undertaken a new initiative, a Smoke-Free Homes intervention developed by Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia designed to recruit members of a household who are 18 and over and either self-identify as smokers without a current smoking prohibition in the home or as nonsmokers who reside with at least one smoker and at present do not have a smoking prohibition inside their home.

Recruitment Objectives

SFASD seeks to recruit adult members of the household who are interested in making their indoor home environment smoke-free. Additionally, based on guidelines established by Emory University, the participant is asked to:

  • Comfortably read and understand English
  • Reside in a multi-family dwelling such as apartment complex, condo unit or in a single-family dwelling, mobile home or boat
  • Rent, own or have another living arrangement
  • Consent to participation in the Smoke-Free Homes Project at the time of enrollment

Household members recruited for the Smoke-Free Homes Project are eligible to receive up to $50 in gift cards and will be mailed interactive educational materials to an address they provide at enrollment.  There is absolutely no cost to enroll and participants do not need to attend classes or come to scheduled office visits, because the program is designed to be delivered over the phone by calling the Outreach Worker at (619) 287-9454.

Funding for this program is made possible by the California Department of Public Health under contract #15-10229 so please call today to learn more about this special opportunity.