Financial Assets

donate financial assets

The donation of financial assets is a wonderful way to ensure that Family Health Centers of San Diego can continue its legacy of providing high-quality health care to individuals who are in greatest need. This section highlights different types of financial assets that we accept.

Mutual Funds

To allow time for the transfer to occur prior to the end of the year, we strongly recommend starting the process no later than Nov. 15 of that calendar year. Please provide the following information when donating your mutual fund:

  • Donor name and address
  • Name and number of securities transferred
  • Specific clinic/program to which the gift should be directed (if applicable)

Stocks & Other Assets

As long as an individual has owned his or her stocks and financials assets for at least one year, his or her taxable income can be reduced by deducting the full fair market value of the securities through a donation to Family Health Centers of San Diego. Traditionally, when a person sells securities that have gone up in value, he or she must pay capital gains tax on the increase in value. However, by donating the securities to charity, capital gains tax does not have to be paid.

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